Candleholders: How to Choose the Right One?

Candleholders: How to Choose the Right One?

If you did not know, the history of candleholders dates back thousands of years, and it is believed to be the invention of the early civilizations. Candleholders not only hold candles but also transform any space into something extraordinary. Here we go, guys! Let me take you through the most accurate way to pick a candleholder that will fit your décor perfectly.


1. Purpose and Functionality:

When choosing a candleholder, do not forget the purpose of its use. What kind of mood do you want to create—a romantic one, a decorative piece, or do you need it for ritualistic or religious purposes? Figuring out the main goal will be your guide to the decision. Candleholders come in various shapes and sizes, specifically designed for various candles, such as pillar candles, tea lights, votives, and tapers. Pick a holder that will suit the kind of candles you will be using.


2. Style:

Bring the candlesticks to match the style with your current décor to maintain the overall theme. Think about your involvement in factors such as colour, material, and design before you make your decision.

Make sure that the candle has the proper fit in the holder. Candles may not have the right and tight fit, which takes away the aesthetics of the overall thing, or they may pose a safety hazard.


3. Material:

Besides the fact that candleholders are manufactured from different materials (glass, metal, wood, ceramic, or crystal), their styles and patterns also differ. Select the material that seamlessly combines with your interior aesthetic and your liking; consider longevity and ease of maintenance.

A glass candleholder offers a versatile experience; you can use it for different purposes due to its colourful light dispersion. The wooden holders give your arrangement a rustic or natural feel.


4. Size:

Consider the size of the candleholder, noting how much space is available for the size of candles it will take. Big ones can be used to plan forward, whereas smaller spots are perfect for miniatures.


5. Candle Safety:

The safety of candle usage is prime. Choose holders with spill-proof functions and fire-resistant capabilities to prevent wax damage.

Ensure candle holders are strong enough to contain tall or tapered candles in such a way that they cannot fall.


6. Placement:

Think about where you would like to use the candleholder. It is a dining table, a mantelpiece, a coffee table, a bathroom, or a garden landscape. Different locations necessitate a variety of styles and sizes of holders.

Consider what kind of atmosphere you want to create; a collection of several candleholders can make a room look warm and nostalgic.


7. Usability and Versatility:

Choose the candleholders that could have an alternative role that is not only for lighting. Try and find holders that will also perform the function of flower vases, pen holders, spices, and other stuff containers.

Choose holders that you can reuse flexibly for multiple situations and needs.


8. Budget:

Set a budget for your candleholder purchase, as it is essential. The price range may differ greatly, but it is possible to find something to meet your price needs without sacrificing style and quality.


9. Personal Taste:

After all, you want the candleholder to represent you and your taste, so choose the one that speaks to you as the best option. This is to define the mood you want to evoke in your place.


There is a candle holder for every style and taste preference. Find a wide variety of selections at Hygge and choose the right style for your decor this very day!

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