Stylish Ways to Dress Up Your Dresser or Chest of Drawers!

Stylish Ways to Dress Up Your Dresser or Chest of Drawers!
A dresser or chest of drawers is almost too versatile in any home; it provides a magnificent clean slate to accessorize. It is an aesthetic and serves as a cupboard for storing utensils, daily-use items, and other miscellaneous items such as ornaments. Designing a dresser might appear quite complex; however, using several general yet effective tips, you’ll be able to create a stylish look at your home.

The Classic Black and White
Use black and white as your home décor accessories for a more contemporary look. This timeless classic style never fails. To make the dresser look richer, place a mirror right in the center of the white dresser. Add black and white framed paintings, black and white books, and silver-tone statement candelabra to make the look more stylish. One must add a white potted plant and a white candle with some shells to complete the setup. This black dresser setup is classic and sophisticated.

The Monochromatic Look
If you do not like black and white, then pick your favorite color and style it out. For example, shades of red may lead to a vibrant style. Focusing on the bedroom dresser one can think of a big red vase as its main accessory. Pair it with wall plates in red, a plain red matka, and a maroon and gold tray with a metallic vase. This setup is bright and impactful, perfect for a colorful soul.

Indian Treasure
Selecting ornaments and other materials from various regions of the country can make the environment very exotic. Arrange terracotta items such as a kadhai, a serving pot, and an oil diffuser with a lampshade that resembles an Indian and a plant. A block-printed runner from India ties the look together. This setup on a wood dresser brings the essence of Indian heritage into your home.

Bring Out the Quirk
If you are interested in something different, non-traditional interior décor is perfect for you. Do not be too specific with the choice of colors or regular patterns. However, to balance the use of objects, design a happy corner with a combination of items. A pineapple planter adds a cute, kitschy element.

Takeaways for Styling Your Dresser

To make styling easier, consider these key points:

Pick Your Furniture Piece
It doesn’t matter what size or style the individual dresser or white chest of drawers is. All you require is a plain area where you would like your artwork displayed.

Add a Statement Piece
This is one of the most crucial stages. Select an anchor such as a dresser with a mirror, a painting, a picture frame, or a poster. Or it should be big and bolder or a set of them.

Lighting is an important aspect when it comes to dressing a dresser. For a more formal look, put a table lamp on both ends. For a casual and modern look, use a lamp on one side and incorporate a trendy setup on the other side of the table. Candles also help to create the warm atmosphere that is so important for dating.

Foliage or Greenery
Bring some life to the place by adding greeneries. It is long-lasting and looks fabulous, a vase with branches like eucalyptus holds it beautifully. If branches are not preferred, an ideal indoor plant for rooms with less light is the Devil’s Ivy.

Ceramic Objects
Ceramic objects also make attractive accessories for the dresser. Always select pieces that coincide with the color scheme or motif of the room.
The beauty of design is that when you think outside the box and get a little creative, you can turn your ideas into the home of your vision. Just keep in mind that there are no rules in decorating your home, it has to be what your eyes like.
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