Pickup Orders
Q. How, When and Where to Pickup?
A. After receiving your Pickup confirmation that your order is ready for pickup. The customer is required to call one (1) day prior to their expected pickup date. After your call, the warehouse will start to prepare your order for inspection and loading. Failure to call ahead may result in a longer wait time for your pickup, or you may be asked to reschedule the pickup for a different day. 
Q. Will someone help me to load the products in my vehicle at the time of Pickup?
A. Yes someone from our warehouse team will assist you to load or unload the products. However, customer is expected for tying down and securing the load. We are not accountable for any damages that may occur during transportation.
Scheduling Your Delivery
Cancellation requests for the concerned order can be refused by Hygge Design House once the item has been shipped/handed over to our shipping partners. 
If due to any unforeseeable circumstances there are any cancelations, the entire shipping cost paid by Hygge Design House to ship and retrieve the item back from our shipping partner will be borne by the concerned customer. 

Once your order is ready to be shipped, the delivery team will be in touch to let you know your time frame and what to expect on delivery day. At that time any special  instructions that need to be made to ensure you can safely bring your item(s) inside should you opt out of the team moving items into your home.

In case of deliveries outside of Greater Vancouver. You will be contacted directly by our third party shipping company once the item reaches the final mile distribution center (that will most likely be the one close to your shipping address).

Currently due to BC Flooding shipping companies are working their way through the backlog and trying hard to get the products to our customers. We request and appreciate our customers' patience as they might experience unexpected delays on their orders. 

Please Note: Any orders once handed over to the shipping company cannot be cancelled and will be subject to a restocking fee if returned.

Smaller items are often sent via courier. These deliveries are not scheduled in advance, tracking information will be provided so you will know when to expect your order.


The Day of Delivery

On the day of delivery we require our customers to have all hallways /corridors / walkways clear for the delivery team, allowing them safe and easy access to your home while bringing the product(s) in.

To help ensure the health and safety of our customers, you may ask for Contactless Delivery when our delivery team contacts you to schedule your delivery date and time.

In case of Contactless Delivery you may ask to have the product dropped off at your doorstep or garage maintaining a safe 6ft distance.

Some safety protocols for multi-tenant buildings are restricting access to non-residents. We’re supportive of these measures, and in these cases the delivery team will deliver to the closest point to your home while respecting these safety measures.

 After the delivery you will be asked to sign a Received Delivery Document i.e proof of delivery and receipt of all the goods received.

Delivery charges may vary based on your location.


Shipping Beyond Our Standard Service Area

 We strive to offer competitive yet affordable delivery options for those who shop with us. However, some areas are outside of standard delivery areas and therefore more expensive rates and fees may apply.

Orders to less populous areas of Canada (such as the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut), and other locations outside of our standard service area are subject to additional shipping fees. These fees may NOT be displayed at the time of checkout.

If you have questions about specific service areas or shipment charges, please contact us so that we may provide the best service possible.